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State Of The Art Intel Processors

The heart of every MailFoundry appliance is its top of the line, multi-core Intel processor. Combined with MailFoundry's super fast firmware and MessageIQ email scan engine, MailFoundry is able to process more messages per second than any other email security solution on the planet.
MessageIQ - The World's Smartest Anti-Spam Engine

MessageIQ updates every 5 minutes, automatically adjusting to the ever-changing email threats around the globe, all without you lifting a finger.
Your Email Is Safe

MessageIQ knows spam. As a result, your important email gets delivered to your inbox on time, everytime -- no more looking in your spam folder.
Next Generation Hardware

Utilizing state of the art CPU's, industry-leading motherboards and RAM and a unique flash boot system, MailFoundry leads the industry in uptime, reliability, and is trusted to protect millions of mailboxes worldwide.
"Since the installation of our MailFoundry Network Appliance, the amount of spam sent to my users has dropped 95%."

- Andy Cottrell, IT
Director for Oregon Community Unit School District #220.
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Jul 8 - 10:16 am
'Droid users beware.... when you upgrade, what happens to that phone you sell..???

Security company says your data can easily be recovered from 'wiped' Android phones
Software maker Avast is calling the security and thoroughness of Android's factory reset feature into serious doubt today. The company says it purchased 20 used Android smartphones online and set...

Jul 7 - 1:57 pm
Nothing like starting off the week by sending MessageIQ powered MailFoundry hardware to Germany. Scha?tzen!

Jun 25 - 1:14 am
Perhaps not the smartest move....

World Cup Security Team Accidentally Shares Its Awful Wi-Fi Password
What's the bigger security crime: having your Wi-Fi password displayed on a big screen, or using tired old internet speak to have "b5a2112014" as the password for the Brazil 2014 event security team network?

May 30 - 3:12 am
Seems that GoDaddy had a DNS problem with some of our domains aren't working this morning. The issue has been revolved, but we're waiting on DNS propagation to clear up any lagging routing issues. This outage effects MailFoundry Message IQ updates and also MailFoundry Hosted customers. We apologize for the problem and now that its fixed we're investigating with GoDaddy to uncover what happened on their end to cause it. IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER, PLEASE RESTART YOUR ROUTER OR REFRESH YOUR DNS TABLES. This will fix the problem faster on your end.

May 26 - 3:10 am
Today we take a moment to honor all the men and women who made sacrifices for our country.

May 23 - 5:05 am
You secure on the perimeter, but are your internals watched?

The US Navy was hacked from inside its own aircraft carrier
When the Navy Criminal Investigative Service started looking into a breach of one of their low-security networks, the team got an unpleasant surprise: at least one of the culprits was a Navy sailor,...

May 21 - 12:29 pm
That's a lot of passwords.

eBay Suffers Massive Security Breach, All Users Must Change Their Passwords
The chaos of Heartbleed may have passed, but the number of high profile online hacks continues unabated. According to BusinessWire, auction site and global retailer eBay is the latest victim and has been hit by a huge cyberattack that compromised its main database holding user passwords. An email wi...

Apr 29 - 6:57 am
Do you believe it?

This is the most secure computer you'll ever own
From the moment you boot up, your computer leaves footprints. Websites leave tracking cookies, following you from page to page and session to session, alongside the usual traces left by your IP...

Apr 14 - 6:50 am
Oh Canada!

Crooks use Heartbleed exploit to steal 900 Canadian tax IDs
While it might not be the worst case scenario, a security breach at the Canada Revenue Agency could be the worst known real-world exploit of the

Apr 11 - 5:50 am
MailFoundy appliances, cloud solutions and back end operations are not vulnerable to the SSL exploit.

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